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Muscle & Bone

Our regular Studio Classes will start again August 2020!

Keep an eye out for updates. 

Excited to see you all shortyl


​Muscle and Bone / Mind and Body is an energetic, dynamic and rhythmic movement work-out that observes the kinaesthetic sensitivity and co-ordination potential of the body-in-motion while developing strength, endurance, flexibility and grounding. 

Start the weekend with sweaty, rhythmic dance fun. Work on your strength, flexibility, awareness and have loads of fun while you are at it! 

2020 dates TBC. Email to go on the mailing list.

​​​​Intensives are planned as a cycle of sessions to develop a deeper understanding of contemporary dance technique and tools. There will be a limited number of participants attending each cycle enabling us to get to know each other and work towards developing a practice together. We will use various tools like improvisation and composition to discover our bodies movement potential, generate dance and play!

2020 dates TBC. Email to go on the mailing list for updates.

​Wouldn't life be awesome if we could dance more often and in more places? LET'S DO THAT.
We are excited to make contemporary dance available and accessible to more people in more places. 

Connecting to like-minded humans is something else we love. 
If you are a teacher or someone keen to make things happen - we are around for a coffee. 

dance Anywhere