We are dancers passionate about teaching adults contemporary dance tricks and techniques. Our mission is to make dance available to as many people as we can. We love teaching adults about movement and this awesome art form.

You can find out about training and experience on the Homepage at While all of our regular teachers studied dance or performing arts at a tertiary level, not all of us studied teaching and some of us are new to teaching adults dance.

Not all dance classes, workshops and performances we promote are affiliated with Human Dance directly. Sometimes we want to spread the word about great things our friends are doing too.

Human Dance is independent and is not affiliated with Te Auaha Creative Hub or any of the other studios we teach at. We hire the studios and put on classes.

Because of the above we do not take responsibility for any health issues, theft or other inconveniences that may result to any party as the consequence of coming to Human Dance classes, workshops or performances. Human Dance students and teachers attend and teach at their own risk. Teachers will apply their health and safety knowledge and other reasonable measures to ensure students have a great experience. 

Liability and hazard disclaimer: I accept and agree to enter and use all of the facilities, dance classes, online classes, workshops and related services of Human Dance at my own risk. I acknowledge that the dance activity I undertake with Human Dance is demanding and while participating in it, I may be exposed to certain risks, including risk of injury and damage to my property. I agree to only involve myself in activities that are appropriate to my level of comfort and experience and to behave appropriately while doing these activities. I acknowledge that I have identified hazards around me and I am aware of potential hazards at the venue where I dance. While Human Dance teachers will apply their health and safety knowledge and other reasonable measures to ensure students have a great experience, I understand that my wellbeing is my responsibility and therefore neither Human Dance nor the venue will be held responsible for any damage to my property or physical injury to myself. For in-studio classes, I confirm that I have also read the venue’s health and safety, fire and earthquake procedures.

By attending our classes (in-studio and online), workshops and/or performances you agree to this Disclaimer. 

If you are new to Human Dance - please kindly review and fill in the Hazards and Liability doc here. 

Thank you so much for dancing with us!

Human Dance