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  • All sessions must be booked in advance

  • Please note, as of April 2021, sessions are non- refundable and non-transferable. 

  • Bring a friend first week of the month - exciting right!? One thing we ask is that you ensure your friend is booked in for the class. You book them in when you book your session. We are not able to accept walk-ins with no prior booking. 

  • We start a new 'block' each month to introduce new repertoire. This is to keep things fresh;). Newbies can join the class at any stage. If you haven't done much dance before we recommend you come within the first 2 weeks of the month.

  • ​Contemporary dance is practiced in bare feet or socks. Please wear loose comfortable clothes you feel comfortable moving in and out of the floor in, and don't forget a drink bottle to keep hydrated. 

  • If you have injuries or feel uncomfortable with some of the work - please let us know before the class. We recommend you give everything a go and challenge yourself, but if you are uncomfortable with any of the routines or unsure of technique, pace yourself.

  • Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page. By coming to the class you are agreeing to it. 

  • Regular classes are held at Te Auaha Creative Hub, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington. 

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Amped about dancing with you all soon!​​


​Te Auaha Studios

These classes suitable for beginners. absolute beginners and more experienced beginners alike, as well as those who want to hone the basics.

In this zingy class we will be playing with technique, sequences and improvisation, the block aims to improve awareness of the relationship between our bodies and gravity. Stengthen, lengthen, discover your own sense of flow and move every part of your body!

FRIDAYS, 6:30- 8PM

Full Swing Dance Studio, Cuba Street

Balfolk is a popular dance movement that has re-invented traditional European social dance
forms and music as a vibrant dance experience. The emphasis is on social dance rather
than performance, full of fun interactions leaving plenty of room for variations. Partner
dances like Waltz, Mazurka, Scottish and Polka sit alongside group Contra-dances, Circle
dances and Mixers (dances structured to rotate partners) that are simple to learn and invite
improvisation. Suitable for all levels of physical disposition.
During the classes, we will share group dances such as Circle Circassian, Chappelloise,
Bourree, Rondeaux, as well as Portuguese, Spanish, Greek and Israeli, suggesting possible
variations. We will also introduce how to lead and follow to build connection in partner
dances which make the Balfolk movement truly unique.

TO BOOK THIS CLASS EMAIL ​​ balfolkwellington@gmail.com

Questions? Email: dance@humandance.co.nz


​Te Auaha Studios

The Human Dance Kapa Haka classes will allow participants to learn basic techniques and beginner level waiata (song), waiata-a-ringa (action song), and haka. Each month will have a different learning focus, so classes are booked separately for each month. Our experienced tutor Krystal Clarke will share her knowledge behind each movement and break it down in a way that all types of learners can understand.

This class is the perfect first introduction to the Māori performing arts repertoire, as each class will slowly build knowledge of the appropriate techniques and gestures within different types of waiata and haka. Through learning dance, participants will also develop an understanding of Te reo Māori and the correct application of tikanga by learning of the origins behind different waiata and haka within the Kapa Haka repertoire. Krystal’s Kapa Haka students will learn that the performing arts are much more than just song and dance!

This class is suitable for adult dancers and non-dancers, taught at an introductory level.

Month pass: 4 sessions $52 - to keep the flow of learning and connection these classes can only be booked as a monthly block


​Te Auaha Studios

Anita teaches the mechanics of movement, and the art of ballet technique, in
her “dancy” ballet class. Her exercises embody a sense of motion and
musicality so participants can find freedom in their movement, and feel the joy
of ballet, from their very first lesson.

Anita focuses on teaching ballet in a healthy way, which is specific for each
individual. Everyone is welcome to come and discover the enjoyment of ballet
in this inclusive environment!

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Single class: $15 Month pass: $52

contemporary, ballet, balfolk  and kapa haka classes for june are up. 


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In General

Single class: $15 Month pass: $65



On booking, you will be re-directed to a different page (Acuity) to confirm your booking. All sessions must be booked in advance. Please also note, there will be no classes during public holidays. Enjoy dance! 


Te Auaha Studios

This class will focus on exploration, comfortability and the unhindered joy of movement. Classes will involve contemporary floorwork exercises, improvisational tasks, fun jigs and lots of play. We will connect with our child-like curiosity and cheekiness within dance, with the aim to discover new freedom, fluidity and flow within our individual bodies.

Single session: $15 Month pass: $42